Sea Stones On The Rocks, Granite Chillers with 2 Free 10-Ounce Tumblers

Sea Stones On The Rocks are beautiful oval, handcrafted granite rocks for gently chilling your fine spirits. Adding ice can bruise fine spirits and and over chilling will mask the balanced, complex flavours. As ice melts, it waters down your drink and can add off flavour absorbed from your freezer. The solution? Whisky Stones. Simply freeze the rocks in the included hardwood tray (rinse well first!) and then add 1-3 rocks to 1 or 2 ounces of your favourite fine liquor. Wait a few minutes until the stones have brought the temperature down slightly and enjoy! Also included are 2 classic glass tumblers.

We found to have the best prices for whisky stones including the Sea Stones On The Rocks, Granite Chillers with 2 Free 10-Ounce Tumblers set.

  • Sea Stones On The Rocks – 6 handcrafted stone chillers in a hardwood tray
  • dimensions – 1.5 x 1.2 x 1.5 inches
  • handcrafted from granite
  • 2 tumblers
  • Lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects
  • Made in the USA

Sea Stones On The Rocks Bottom Line

There is only one review for these stones, however it was enthusiastic. We researched the difference between soapstone and granite and found there was no difference between them in terms of in how cold the stones would get while chilling. They also hold their temperature equally as long. Choose which shape and look you prefer as each will perform equally well. If you prefer square and the dove grey of soapstone, choose the Teroforma. If you like the oval, flecked look of granite, buy these Sea Stones.

Of course this set also include 2 whisky tumblers. This is a nice addition, however, these glasses have straight horizontal sides. There are better shaped glasses designed just for fine sipping spirits which curve slightly inwards. If you are looking for a gift set for a fine whisky or scotch connoisseur, you may wish to look at the Glencairn whisky glasses which also come with the Teroforma stones.

Again, which you choose strictly comes down to personal design and preference. These Sea Stone Whisky Rocks are gorgeous and will perform as intended.

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