Sipping Stones – Set of 9 Grey Whisky Chilling Rocks

The latest entry into the hot, or should we say cool, whiskey stones arena, are these Sipping Stones, a set of 9 soapstone cubes. When slow sipping a fine single malt or tequila, there is nothing worse than a watered down and flavorless drink. Sipping Stones are the answer, cooling your drink perfectly without diluting its taste. Like all whiskey stones or whisky rocks, these tumbled soapstone cubes are placed in the freezer for several hours (wash well first!)  then add 3-4 to a glass and pour your liquor over to just cover. The rocks will gently chill your fine spirits without adding off tastes or diluting your drink like ice cubes.

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Sipping Stones Features and Specifications

This package includes 9 soapstone cubes. The Sipping Stones – Set of 9 Grey Whisky Chilling Rocks also appear to come with a stylish bag to chill the stones in. But what is really cool is these stones also come in white!


Sipping Stones Reviews

There are only a few reviews for these whiskey stones but people like them. It seems that people are becoming more familiar with whiskey stones or rocks, how they are to be used and their limitations. There was one comment from someone who bought them as general purpose ice cubes and found they didn’t get as cold as they would have liked.  This is common to all soapstone whisky rocks; they cannot get as cold as ice cubes.

Sipping Stones Bottom Line

There is limited information given in the product description for these whiskey stones. The pictures seem to show that they are the same size as the typical soapstone cube (similar to the size of the Teroforma cubes), they appear to be tumbled, and they seem to come in a smart looking black bag.

At the time of writing, these stones are one of the least expensive sets available. They will do what they say, but if you want to know for sure what you are getting in terms of size, you may wish to go with the Teroforma stones. In any case you will probably be happy with these beautiful and funky whiskey stones.

Choose from grey or white, or get both and mix and match!

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